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Trees That Feed

Fresh Mangos


Trees that Feed is an outreach program started by TREEmendous Miami in 2022. Our goal is to plant trees that provide healthy, nutritious food for people and fauna. Each qualifying household will receive a free planted fruit tree and native tree of their choice. However, if a household wants two fruit trees, we will offer that if they will also agree to plant a native shrub to help feed local fauna. We will direct our efforts at communities with low income households. Participants must agree to care for their trees, and residents who also want to help and learn how to plant trees will be given priority. Besides providing healthy food for local residents and fauna, we also seek to improve the environment; protect residents from the adverse effects of extreme heat; educate citizens on the importance of trees, as well as proper planting and care practices; and help build community pride.

Why Now?

Underprivileged communities in Miami-Dade are the least likely to have access to green spaces, and are most likely to suffer from food insecurity. In fact, tree canopy in Miami-Dade is positively correlated with median income, but negatively correlated with percentages of African American and Latin residents. Less tree canopy often causes issues in the health and well-being of those living in those areas. One of the solutions is to plant more fruit and native trees in low-income residential areas and minority neighborhoods. We expect that this increase in flora will improve the health of the residents and fauna, offset food insecurity, and help decrease the environmental disparities present in Miami-Dade County today.

Organic Avocado

How it Works

Trees That Feed will be providing and planting free trees for residents of selected neighborhoods. Residents will learn about the offered trees, pick their choices from the menu, establish where would be the best locations for them, and establish a time of planting. To qualify you must own your home or have your landlord's consent. We will also provide educational information about tree planting and maintenance, and the benefits of trees.

Our Sample Tree Menu

Fruit Trees:



Red Mombin



Key Lime

Native Trees:

Willow Bustic

Bahama Strongbark



Black Ironwood


West Indian Lilac

Or, alternatively, pick two fruit trees and agree

to also plant a NATIVE SHRUB from the following list:

Locust Berry


Simpson Stopper

Pineland Strongbark


White Indigo Berry

Wild Coffee

Join the Project!

If you live in a currently targeted area and are interested in getting your free trees, fill out this application:

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